‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’...! This is so true with ‘Zelia’ the designer lighting boutique. Zelia lights and beyond is a creation of dreamt concept, crafted to reality with loads of hard work,

passion and grit. We have created the lighting boutique understanding the ground market in and around Pune. It’s our Architects and Interior decorators who have boost us to create this concept hence we always work alongside them as there are our drive force who have been inspiring and have shown faith in us to always cater to their needs and which in turn makes their customers happy.

Zelia is a professionally managed young force lighting boutique specialized and experienced in supplying products with durability, value, and exceptional craftsmanship. We indulge ourselves to offer the latest and comprehensive product line in Decorative, Functional, Commercial and Energy saving lighting available today. Light fixtures include wall and pendent lamps, chandeliers, dressing lights, LED lighting and commercial lighting for indoor as well as outdoor. A wide range of designs to choose from contemporary, architectural and European style. We ensure high quality and after sale service.

Zelia started its lighting boutique in January 2011, since its inception we have successfully created are visibilities in and around Pune. We possess an edge in this area because we offer a change in the way lighting is played with - whether in the sense of craft designs or lighting styles. Being the only kind of designer boutique that sets the trends, it understands the lighting industry, as well as the change in people and their tastes of exquisites.

Our vision, discipline and determination to achieve high standards of service and product quality have always made us proud with our customers, Architects and Interiors. We are been appreciated for handling project from corporate building, hotels, resorts, shopping malls, gardens which has given them the success and popularity. Today Zelia is a created trust of its customers and architects that many seek, for consultancy and advice.

Zelia is an extension of Prabhat Agencies located in electronic market whose market existence and experience is 40 years old. Zelia is a concept of second generation which is inspired from Prabhat Agencies.